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Vee Agency

Vee Agency is a cutting edge full service digital agency based in Wrocław, Poland. Full service means we can handle any marketing task from start to finish. Strategy to budget to production to execution. We have in-house resources for graphic design, web design, photography, video & more.


At Vee Agency, branding is everything and one of our greatest creative joys is to help a new or existing company develop or enhance their branding. Branding can be anything from your brand strategy to your competitive strategy to your logo, print advertisements and overall marketing efforts. It’s our passion to guide clients through branding development to achieve a cohesive strong brand that penetrates that market place.


We never suggest one marketing channel and that’s it. Not even a few. We’re constantly adapting our campaigns to the ever changing market for our clients. We provide continual test marketing as a part of our marketing mix including Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc’), Influencers, Traditional Print & TV, Viral and more.


We provide highend technologies that delivers best online experience no matter what trafficc size your site gets. 1 000 000 users at the same time? Your site won’t throttle a bit. You won’t have to spend single minute handling your website with one of our maintance plan and it’s all on top of best web and UX design that we deliver.

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Office in Poland

ul. Robotnicza 42a
53-608 Wrocław

Office in Portugal

R. Dr. Cândido Guerreiro 33
8000-355 Faro


PL +48 531 975 131
PT +351 217 270 004

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